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Hay muchos factores que deben tenerse en cuenta al elegir la mejor opción.Altavoz de audioLas cuestiones más importantes que hemos tenido en cuenta al examinar esta lista son las siguientes.

Tamaño: Audiophile speakers come in various shapes and sizes, but generally fit into two categories: bookshelf or floor standing. Bookshelf speakers are generally around one-foot tall and are a great choice if you’re setting up a home theater in a living room or master bedroom. Floor standing speakers can be around three-feet tall, so they’re a better choice if you have a larger space, like an open basement or den.

Conductor: Drivers are the part of the speaker that produce sound; generally, larger drivers are better, but their material and location on the speaker matters, too. All of the speakers we’ve chosen for this guide have multiple drivers, which handle different frequencies, so music will sound clear and accurate.

Pasiva y activa: Audiophile speakers can be active (powered) or passive (unpowered). Passive speakers have no built-in amplification, which means you need to connect them to a stereo receiver for them to work. Active speakers are a more all-in-one solution; they have a preamp, volume controls, and inputs (ports that let you plug devices into them) on the speakers themselves.

Esta guía se caracteriza por una combinación de altavoces pasivos y activos que se adaptan a diferentes limitaciones espaciales.Si tienes mucho espacio, los altavoces pasivos son la opción correcta, mientras que el diseño unitario de los altavoces activos los convierte en mejores opciones cuando el espacio es insuficiente.Recuerden que los altavoces activos pesan más que los no activos y pueden tener unidades más pequeñas, porque la cubierta exterior de los altavoces debe contener más hardware.


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Foshan City Nanhai Kafu Professional Audio Equipment Factory was founded in 1999, located in Foshan, China. With more than 24 years operating, we have built up mature products technology, high quality production system and after sale service system. Our products include passive&active line array speakers, full range speakers, subwoofer, power amplifiers, digital processors and peripheral products and and all accessories, which have been successfully applied in public entertainment market, government affairs,business conference, public cultural and sports market.
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